Justin Bieber Wins 7th Straight for Lakers

Kobe will never admit it, but I promise you that there is one person who the Lakers have to thank for their current 7 game win streak… Justin Bieber. The Black Mamba may have won the MVP for the actual NBA All Star game… but Bieber won the MVP for the All Star Celebrity game.

Look at Biebs… thinking he’s all that. Crossing over Common… Draining 3’s… Pullin’ the MVP…

Oh, you’re number 1 Bieber? For sure not. I can’t deny it…I haven’t been that jealous of a 16 year old since I was 12 years old. Little bastard. Kobe, on the other hand, doesn’t get jealous. He just sets the record straight. Cue the national media… Oh, the Lakers have lost 3 going into the All Star break, including a loss to the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers, they are toast. Oh, the Spurs are the best team in the West. Oh, the Lakers need to make a trade to compete for a 3Peat. Oh, Justin Bieber is a little basketball god. Oh, Blake Griffin dunked over a Kia, and he is the new king of Los Angeles. All ya’ll did was irritate the defending champs. Meet the Sleeping Giant. While the Miami Heat are crying and coming up with new and creative ways to blow giant leads, the Lakers have quietly won 7 straight.

D. Clarke Evans/Getty Images

Last night, the Lakers beat DOMINATED the “West’s Best Team”, the San Antonio Spurs. Crush job. Ron Artest knocking over fans with coffee, and blocking three point shots and turning to the San Antonio crowd to flex his biceps. Love Ron-Ron. Kobe scrapping with Manu Ginobili. How rad was that? Think your bald spot scares Kobe? Pfft. Elbow throw! Huge statement game by the Lakers who had lost a lot of games they should’ve won this year. The Lake Show sent a message last night to the Spurs…their title will not be taken easily. Kobe looked strong. Nice to have Barnes back in the lineup too. And, uh-oh, Bynum looks healthy. If he can stay healthy and Kobe, Pau, Lamar, and D Fish just continue to do their thing… 3peat. No question.

The team to beat in the West is the Lakers, and all of Lakers Nation has Justin Bieber to thank for it.


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