Madden 2012 Isn’t Fooling Me

So what is this? This some kind of joke? Is this like when Sports Illustrated tried to shut everybody up about the SI Cover Curse by doing regional covers? Wikipedia actually has a pretty decent summary of the Madden Curse. This year, in an attempt to not take the blame for their latest victim, EA Sports is putting the 2012 Madden Cover to the fans. Nice try, you blowhards, but you can’t fool me… it’s still gonna be your fault. If you don’t want to sleep at night, you can go here to vote. It’s set up bracket style in the spirit of March Madness.

I’ve got only two requests from my readers on this. First, don’t you dare vote for that No. 1 seed Philip Rivers. Yeah, yeah… I know it’d be cool to have the San Diego Chargers QB on the cover of Madden 2012 and beat Darren McFadden of the Oakland Raiders. Want to know what’d be cooler though? A healthy QB for the entire 2012 season, assuming there is one. Don’t vote for him. Also, I’m a pretty huge football fan… and although I am seriously biased toward offense, (cue all the “you have no business writing for a Sports Blog” jerks) I have never heard of Carlos Dunlap or Jordan Gross. So, good call on those candidates, EAdiots.

My second request, please vote for the Seattle Seahawks 12th man. Now, now…before you laugh, hear me out. I don’t want a player to get hurt, not even you Mark Sanchez, so let’s just throw a whole city under the bus. Pete Carroll’s new city. They deserve a cover. They caused an earthquake when Marshawn Lynch went into BeastMode for that playoff run last year against the Saints. An earthquake! That’s cover worthy. And lastly, how ridiculous would EA Sports and the entire Madden video game franchise look if the actually put that picture the “Stump the Schwab” lookalike on the cover of their videogame. What a freaking joke. So, there you have it… No on Philip Rivers, Yes on the 12th Man.


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