Man Crush of the Week: One Legged Wrestler Anthony Robles

Arizona State’s Anthony Robles just won the NCAA Division I Championship in the 125-pound division closing out a perfect undefeated season for him. He did it with one leg.  I absolutely love this. I wanna give this guys one leg a giant hug. I’m not kidding. This story brought me so much joy, I can barely contain myself. Kid has one leg and he just won the NCAA Division I Championship. He is the best in the country in his weight class. I just love it. I wish there were 50 stories like this to every 1 story like Tony Hawk ditching his wife for his best friend’s wife. I don’t know what this guy wants to do for a living… but I’ll tell you what he should do: Motivational Speaking.

If I own a business, or if I’m the coach of a team… and my employees or players are whining about anything… bring in Anthony Robles. Oh, you don’t think your work station is ergonomically correct? Oh, you don’t like waking up early for practice? Well, I was born with one freakin leg and I won the National Championship, now quit your damn snivelin’ and get to work! I never wrestled as an organized sport, but my guess is that your legs are best used for balance and leverage. It’s your hands and upper body strength that is gonna bodyslam fools and pin them. Robles says “My tilting is due because I have such a strong grip, and that’s because of my crutches.” I have no clue what Tilting means, unless we’re talking about Texas Hold ‘Em, but I do know that this kid could break your hand shaking it his grip is so strong… because of his crutches. Talk about life giving you lemons and you making lemonade. I love this kid. Upper body strength? Check.

Look at his triceps! I could set up a picnic and have lunch on them. Dude is ripped… and let’s be honest, yes having one leg is a significant disadvantage, but man… how much does a leg weigh? I have no clue, 15 or 20 pounds? Well, that’s 15 or 20 pounds of ripped in his upper body that just pinned your 2 legged ass to the mat. Lemonade. I would’ve loved to see this guy line up with that kid that wouldn’t wrestle the girl. If that kid said no to wrestling Robles because he only had one leg…Robles prolly would’ve hopped across the mat and broke that kids jaw with a right hook. There, now you have a busted face, I have one leg…we’re even, now get your ass on the mat.


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