SDSU vs. UConn – 1st Person Account

Our boy Macaroni went to the game last night… a loyal reader, a smart fan, and a funny dude. The above picture is from his seats… here are his thoughts on the game. Our first ever guest post. – bp

There is nothing I hate more than when people blame the ref’s for a loss, but in the case of last night’s Aztec loss to UKemba, I can’t help but think of when Ed Hochuli raped the Chargers vs Broncos in Denver 2 years ago. I can see how at first glance it looks like Kemba was shoved by Freshman Jamaal Franklin.  Kemba looked like he just got a phantom headbutt from Zidane (that’s right, futbol reference, love it).  The ref’s then went and reviewed the play and decided that not only was it a foul, it was a technical foul.  I was sitting 7 rows from the court, I could smell smell Billy White’s minty breath, I could hear Malcolm Thomas drop an F bomb when he missed an easy put-back, I could also see Kemba do his best Vlade Divac impression and flop like he was snipered from the grassy knoll. I think I even saw a Marlboro in his hand for that brief second. The ref’s blew it over and over, continually halting our momentum and serving it up to the Huskies on a platter.  Terrible calls on both sides of the ball, but heavily weighted in UConn’s favor.  Man, I hate me right now, blaming the ref’s… I love Coach Fisher like he’s my grandpa, but did he not notice that Tapley can’t cover Kemba, not that anybody can, but switch it up coach. Ben Franklin did a decent job, not to mention that Tapley missed 26 open 3’s.  The moral of the story is that Kemba Walker and a 12 year old named Jeremy Lamb (seriously, look at that little boy) torched us for 60 combined pts, with a little help from the men in stripes… I’m just saying.   Kudos to “The Show” for making it a home game, well done. Guy in Red Coat, I was looking for you… I needed someone to hug it out with. It was a marvelous season.  So, like I said at the beginning, don’t blame the refs…unless they sh*t the bed like they did last night, in which case you can blame them like you blame Tony Danza for making male housekeeping a respectable profession for men.


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