Tom Brady Served up on a Silver Platter…

Let me just make something clear… I’m a diehard Chargers fan. I would take Philip Rivers or Drew Brees as my quarterback over any QB in the league. Yes, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady fans have a legitimate argument that my statement is bias, that’s fine. But if you say anyone else, you’re an idiot. If you said Ben Roethlisberger, you’re a bigger idiot. Confession time here… a couple days ago, I saw this 10 second clip of Tom Brady all choked up and ready to cry on this ESPN “The Brady Six” special about how he was drafted in the 6th round, 199th overall and had six QBs taken before him in the 2000 NFL Draft. The six are, in their draft order… Chad Pennington, Giovanni Carmazzi, Chris Redman, Tee Martin, Marc Bulger, and Spergon Wynn.  I think this whole ESPN “Year of the Quarterback” thing is crap, but whatever.  All I needed was that 10 second clip, and this blog had written itself. He lobbed up some tears, and I had my shotgun cocked and ready. My favorite pastime is bashing Tom Brady…as noted here and here.

Well, I watched the full special, and I’m so pissed that I did. I would’ve loved to have just gone through the rest of my life hating Tom Brady, but dammit, as much as I hate him… I kinda started to like Tom. Ugh. Even typing those words makes me want to kick my own ass. I watched this special, and I saw him get all choked up… which he did talking about his parents. His parents. I get that. So I refuse to knock him for it, rather, I respect him for it. It’s emotional. Ok, fine, I got that outta the way… I hope all you Boston assholes are happy now. Know that I still hate you, your Celtics, your Patriots, your Red Sox, and whatever your hockey team is called. But Tom Brady earned my respect in this special and I think he deserves all the credit in the world for the accomplishments he’s made, the greatest of which is named Giselle.

Shoooosh! We’re not done yet…before we finish up on this little Tom Brady pity party.. know this, Tom…you already won. You’re gonna go down as one the best QBs ever. All those hardships you endured, all the frustration of seeing all those clowns go before you in the draft… you won, dude. You’ve been to the Pro Bowl 6 times, Sportsman of the Year, Athlete of the Year, MVP, and you’ve won the Super Bowl three times. Three times. You win. So, guess what… I’m already over you. Now, I hope you suck an egg for the rest of your career under Bill “Damien” Belichick. I hope you guys go 0-16 every year. I want you to lose…specifically to the Chargers…often.


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