Not all Philadelphia Fans are Awful

As a Southern California guy, when I think of bad fans… I think of San Diego fans. Not bad people…we are awesome. Bad in the sense that we areĀ fair weather, and you’ll often find Chargers games blacked out and Padres game empty if the teams are not doing incredibly well. Tough to blame us, there’s so much to do here. When I think of bad people, that are also sports fans, I think of Philadelphia. Sorry, guys…but it’s true. Well I’ll be damned if this dude from a Sixers Heat game last week that I saw on didn’t single-handedly change my perception of Philly fans.

YouTube Preview Image

I don’t know what this guy does for a living, but he needs to quit whatever he does and just work parties. I’d pay so much money to have this dude come to a party I’m throwing and just be the entertainment for the night. I freaking love this dude. LOVE. Take Chris Farley for example, he’s one of my all time favorites… but even he’s got nothing on this dude when it comes to large men dancing.


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