I Miss the Padres Throwbacks Uniforms

AP Photo

Sweet helmets, guys. Sports Illustrated, specifically the SI Vault, has this little collection of “MLB Throwback Uniforms” slide show. The San Diego Padres Throwbacks, of course, made the slide show, but that’s the picture they used? Brian Giles and Kevin Kouzmanoff? Blah. We didn’t even have our sweet throwback helmets yet. Nice blue elbow pad, bro. Dumb.

I know you had better pictures, Sports Illustrated, with helmets… I see your damn watermark splashed right there across The Norf’s junk.

How bout a Ludwick high five? Nope. My passion for Throwback Uniforms and my frustration with the Padres for almost entirely dropping them for the 2011 season is well documented. So, while I’m on it… why the white pants? If you’re gonna go throwback, do it right.I miss you, Dave Winfield’s yellow pants.


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