Chances of Andrei Kirilenko Becoming a Serial Killer Just Went WAY Up

Andrei Kirilenko has never had a tattoo before. He sorta does now. I have no clue what the hell is going on here with this tat. Twitter was blowing up a week or so ago about Kirilenko getting a World or Warcraft (WoW) tattoo. I don’t know crap about this game except for people supposedly get insanely addicted to it, and there’s a high percentage you’ll live in your mom’s basement for life if you’re into it. So, I saw these pics and honestly, I didn’t believe this was Andrei Kirilenko of the Utah Jazz. Side note: AK-47 is one of the sickest nicknames in the history of sports. His initials are AK, his number is 47, and he’s from Russia, just like the AK-47 assault rifle…pimp. Anyway, after he came out and talked about the tattoos… I had to start believing. “It’s very strange, because it’s so much pain,” Kirilenko said. “It’s so funny, because I didn’t do it for the people. I don’t really plan to show it around.” Kirilenko added he’s a 30 year old man, and he can do what he wants and kids love the tattoo. “If I feel like I want [a tattoo], I get one,” Kirilenko said. “It’s really strange that it gets so much attention. … Ninety-nine percent of players have tattoos.” There you have it, folks. Kirilenko must LOVE him some World of Warcraft. He went from zero tats, to that? You’re trying to tell me that’s normal? That he hasn’t just snapped? That he hasn’t taken a turn to Psychoville, and Finkle’s no longer the mayor? I’m not buying it. I offer you this…

I can’t be the only one worried about him, right? Nobody else sees any parallels to a certain famous serial killer?

I know what you’re wondering…which one is AK-47 and which one is the Tooth Fairy from Red Dragon? Tough to tell, huh? Let me just throw this out there… if a crazy back tatted dude named the ‘Tooth Fairy’ can superglue Philip Seymour Hoffman to a wheelchair, light him on fire, and send him plummeting to his death… imagine what a crazy back tatted dude named after a Russian assault rifle could do.


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