Barry Bonds to Pay For Bryan Stow’s Children’s Education

Compassionate.  A quality in a person that I would put pretty high on my character value rankings.  Also a word I would have never used to describe Barry Bonds.  Bonds is my least favorite athlete of all time… you’re off the hook Eli Manning.  He cheated the game and has somehow convinced himself that he’s done no wrong.  That’s for another time though.

Recently, Barry Bonds reached out to the family of Bryan Stow and offered to pay for each of his two children’s college education.  Stow is the Giants fan who visited Chavez Ravine on opening day and was inhumanely beaten by a couple of Dodger gang bangers.  He has since been put into a medically induced coma… which he hasn’t come out of yet.  Not until earlier this week were any arrests made in the beating, but all I can say, is that I hope justice is served.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Stow family.  And to you Barry, thanks for stepping up to the plate.

Bryan Stow with his kids (AP Photo/John Stow)


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