I will pay $5,000 for 10 Minutes Alone with Willy Aybar

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

There’s gotta be a special place reserved in hell for wife beaters, right? Willy Aybar, formerly of the Rays, Dodgers, and Braves (not to be confused with his brother, Erick Aybar, who plays for the Angels) has been charged for beating his wife… again. Like beating your wife isn’t awful enough… again? Again?! That should just never happen. Never. It makes me sick to my stomach. Here’s a quote from the report.

“Police went to Aybar’s room, where his wife was crying and holding a bloody towel to her face and had a cut lip and an abrasion on her forehead and cheek, police documents said.”

I’m not kidding. I don’t play the “oh, look at me, I’m a tough guy” card often. But, if anybody can get me alone in a room with this guy for 10 minutes… I will pay you $5,000 grand. Not because I have the extra cash lying around, because I’m that passionate about having a little talk with this dirtbag. I will boycott any baseball team that ever gives this guy another shot in the bigs, assuming he doesn’t just rot in jail prior to his time rotting in hell.


[via Aaron Gleeman]

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