Ohio State Tattoo Parlor: Specializing in Cover-Ups

I just found out some interesting news from Mr. Mark Titus, a former Ohio State University basketball player. He was kind enough to direct me, via Twitter, to the website of the alleged tattoo parlor that is in the middle of this OSU football scandal. The picture above is a screenshot of the website for Fine Line Ink Tattoos and Piercings. I feel kind of like a dirtbag because this post is indirectly giving them some free press, but this is just too good. Look closely at the picture above. There a couple things I’d like to point out. Check out the second sentence in their bio, “We specialize in custom work and cover-ups.” Ha! Zing! Cover-ups. Get it? Phew, good one boys! How’s that whole “cover up” thing working out for OSU right now? So, the second thing I’d like to point out is the links you can click on at the very top of the website. Portfolio’s. I’m sorry. Admittedly, I’m a bit of a grammar whore, but c’mon…portfolio’s? Portfolio is? Is there somebody at the tattoo parlor named Portfolio? Is that his page? I’d like to meet him. I’d also like to know if this Johnny Cash tattoo is his “custom work” that is mentioned in your bio? Because from that picture, it looks like Johnny Cash, Sean Penn and Roseanne Bar all died, had a love child, and he made a tattoo of it. I wish I could post more work from Fine Line in this post, but since I dropped my MySpace account with the rest of the civilized world in 1588, I didn’t have the “friend” status to let me see more than a thumbnail. Sad day for me. Another great day for Ohio State football… and tattoos.


Bonus question: Anybody remember what made 1588 so important?

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