Kim Kardashian Would NEVER Cheat!

If you know anything about LobShots, or me specifically, you know that I love Kim Kardashian. She is the wind beneath my wings. Well, InTouch Weekly magazine had the audacity, despite threats for Kim K’s lawyer, to publish a story that she cheated on her fiancĂ©, Kris Humphries, with a New England Patriots bench warmer, Bret Lockett. I’ve never even heard of this joker, but he allegedly told InTouch all about his romance with Kim and all the sexting they did together. You can read the whole sleazy story in the above link, but I’m not buying it. The Kim I know would never pull a stunt like this. Here’s a picture of Bret Lockett.

Bret Lockett

I mean, he’s not even her type. This story is so bogus.

Ray J

Reggie Bush


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