“Hey Lebron! How’s my MugShot Taste?”

TMZDallas Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson was arrested last night for public intoxication in Texas … TMZ has confirmed.  Law enforcement sources tell us, police received a call about some drunk guy wandering around an apartment comlpex in Irving, TX last night — and when cops showed up, they found Stevenson … who said he was lost. Stevenson — who does not live in the apartment complex — then flunked a field sobriety test … and was arrested for public intoxication. Law enforcement sources tell us, the officers “felt he was a danger to himself and others.” Stevenson — a major force behind Dallas’ victory over Miami on Sunday — posted $475 bail this morning and was released.

Killer neck tat, bro. This effin’ guy, made famous, not for his NBA championship, but for his “Hey Lebron, how’s my Dirk taste” t-shirt. This should be the least surprising news you’ve ever read. Some idiot with a giant tattoo of Abraham Lincoln on his neck got arrested for being drunk in public after winning a NBA Championship. Yep, sounds about right.


[thanks for tip, Mac]

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