Get Your Free ATMs Here!!

SAN DIEGO UT — Thieves shattered the glass doors of a check cashing business in Bay Park early Wednesday morning and stole an ATM. The incident was reported about 4:20 a.m. at the Moneytree on Clairemont Drive near Burgener Boulevard, San Diego police said. The thieves used some type of vehicle to smash the doors and knock the machine off its base. They then dragged it away, police said. Officers are investigating. There is no description of the vehicle or the suspects.

I know this happened yesterday morning, but I live in Bay Park and I’m not cool with this at all. Mac lives near too, he told me about this. Listen thieves, don’t come into our neighborhood smashing windows and stealing ATM’s. Stealing ATM’s? The ATM maker people have to be smarter than this right? Like, those little portable ones in 7-Eleven… they must have GPS trackers in the or something. You can’t tell me that every piece of crap cell phone has a GPS chip and an ATM doesn’t. Why aren’t the cops just knocking on the door of whoever stole this thing? “Hi, we’re here to get the ATM you stole last night…oh, and you’re arrested.”


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