MLB Jersey Fail: “Chapter 11” Dodgers Jerseys Here!

Of course by now everybody knows that the idiot running the Los Angeles Dodgers, Frank McCourt, filed the team for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I checked my email this morning and saw the above email from MLB Shop. (Side note: Nice to know that Adrian Gonzalez is not only the face of the Red Sox organization already, but the face of all Major League Baseball. Here in San Diego, nobody on the east coast even knew his name.) Then I saw from the guys over at Busted Coverage that you literally cannot buy a Dodgers no. 11 personalized jersey with the name “Chapter” on the back from MLB. Genius, by the way.

So, I went over to the MLB Shop and gave it a go. Here’s the message I got.

So, which is it? Derogatory or profane? Because we know for damn sure it’s not inappropriate. It’s nothing if it’s not appropriate. Dumb move by MLB, but heck, I’m not even mad, that’s amazing. I had no clue that someone at MLB would be smart enough to not allow that. Sadly, they weren’t smart enough to not allow this:


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