Truffle Shuffle Kid at Women’s World Cup Steals the Show

I flipped out when Alex Morgan scored the first goal for the US Women’s World Cup team in the final vs. Japan. I, like most people, “knew” they’d hold the lead and close the game out for the win. Sadly, they lost in PKs and everybody was real sad. Great win for Japan though, they certainly need something to cheer about. Still bummed the US Women lost though, was a fun run, especially after that Brazil game. Anyway, regardless of the outcome, the best part about that first goal, was this kid in the crowd doing the truffle shuffle after the goal. I literally paused the game, pissing off the other 8 people I was watching it with, and took that above picture of my TV. Here’s some real shady video work of the kid doing his thing.

YouTube Preview Image

Just awesome. This kid is for sure my Man Crush of the Week. Here’s a longer and much better video quality version of that first goal and the crowd reaction.

YouTube Preview Image


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