Man Crush of the Week: Jim Thome

Just felt it necessary to acknowledge Thome and his accomplishment. Hitting 600 home runs is not an easy task. I love that he hit 599 and 600 in back-to-back at bats, which has never been done before. He’s now part of a club that totals 8 people:  Barry Bonds (762 HRs), Hank Aaron (755 HRs), Babe Ruth (714 HRs), Willie Mays (660 HRs), Ken Griffey, Jr. (630 HRs), Sammy Sosa (609 HRs), Alex Rodriquez (active, 626 HRs and counting). It’s sad that he’s already being thrown under the steroid bus because 3 of the 8 may never get to Cooperstown for the connection to PEDs. Either way, it’s an amazing feat. The best description that I’ve heard of his 600 HR accomplishment, “17,000 have tried, and only 7 others have succeeded.”



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