York Baseball Rules!

I swear the York Revolution Baseball promotions department are Lobsters. They must read LobShots. How else could they have planned this? I write a post about how awesome Minor League Baseball is…again…and moments later there’s this earthquake that has the East Coast crying Armageddon. Moments after that? Blammo…the York Revolution throws up a promo for the ages. An “earthquake survivor” deal. Brilliant. Why $5.90 for the tickets, you ask? Oh, I dunno, maybe because the quake was a 5.9 on the Richter scale. (yes, I think it’s been revised to 5.8, so what. And yes, I know they aren’t technically Minor League Baseball because they have no MLB affiliation, they’re in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball) Either way, if I lived in Pennsyvania, I’d be at this game in a hot second. Just awesome. Good luck tonight, boys.


[via @darrenrovell twitter]

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