I Will Win This Pepsi Max “Field of Dreams”

Ok, this is badass. I admit that most emails I get from MLB, I just make fun of. This one, however, has caught my eye. Love it. Love baseball. Love Field of Dreams, the movie. Love combining the two. Brilliant marketing. Before I get into how awesome this marketing campaign is…How about you test your baseball knowledge? Click on the picture above, and see if you can name everybody and the team they are on. Don’t cheat, that’s lame. I’m gonna start….now.

Starting top left and working my way to the top right: Goose Gossage: Yanks, Rollie Fingers: Brewers, Dennis Eck: A’s, Barry Larkin: Reds, The Wizard: Cards, Cal Ripken: O’s, Pudge Fisk: Sox (not positive on that one), Johnny Bench: Reds, Piazza: Mets (should be Dodgers), Edgar Martinez?: M’s (simply by process of elimination, not sure though), Paul Molitor: Brewers, No Clue??: White Sox (whoever this is, I wish it was Bo Jackson in a KC uniform), The Kid: M’s, Jim Rice: Sox, Tony Gwynn: Pads (great choice of uniform, btw… 1986-1989 brown stripes), Reggie: Yanks, Riggie: A’s, Dave Winfield: Yanks, Boggs: Yanks (not Sox? dumb), Brooks Robinson: O’s, Schmidt: Phils, Craig Biggio: Astros, Rod Carew: Twins (he converted), “It’s Ryne!”: Cubs, Steve Garvey: The team the did NOT retire his jersey number, Big Hurt: Pale Hose, Eddie Murray: O’s, Steve Carlton: Phillies, Big Unit: Dbacks, The Professor: Braves

Anybody get ’em all? I missed one. Harold Baines. Whatever. Here’s where you can check the players, and see how the promotion/contest works: MLB Pepsi Max Field of Dreams. Go vote. Go enter. (no this is not a paid promotion) There’s a ballot of 30 players and you pick one of three at each position to be on your team. The winner gets to play this team, in your hometown, with 10 of your buddies. Are. You. Kidding. Me? Best promotion ever. Just awesome. You and your jackass friends playing a baseball game against a bunch of Hall of Famers. Yes, please. Only stipulation, if any of you lobsters win, I’m on your team.

Here’s the team I want to play against…

I basically just picked all the dudes I’d want to hang out with. Had nothing to do with who had the better career, etc. Just who I thought would be fun. My fellow Padres fans with flip I didn’t pick Gwynn… whatever… love Tony, but he’s boring compared these cats. Crazy thing…of the 30 players on this ballot, 9 were Padres. Rollie Fingers, Goose Gossage, Steve Garvey, Ozzie Smith, Mike Piazza, Greg Maddux, Dave Winfield, Rickey Henderson and Tony Gwynn.

There are a handfull of these commercials you can watch on YouTube, but my favorite is this one, with CC Sabathia walking through the corn to the Field of Dreams. See if you can guess why it’s my favorite…

YouTube Preview Image

Rickey wins again!” I re-watched that like 9 times just to watch Rickey Henderson playing himself in Ro-Sham-Bo. “Rickey wins again!” Love it.

Now go vote! Go win! Pick me! Pick me!


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