Think You’re a Real Chargers Fan? You Tatted Up?

Introducing you to a whole new level of fanhood. That, my friends… is a head tat. And for all I know, that’s a gun shot wound just below the tat. Found these pictures of fan entries to the SDUT’s Bolt Fever Photo Contest. Personally, I don’t have any tattoos, but I think lots of tats are awesome. I’ve got nothing against ’em. If you rock ’em, more power to you. If you rock Chargers specific tats… awesome. But I can guaran-damn-tee you one thing, if I ever saw this dude at a game, or anywhere…I’d be afraid. I now offer you head tat exhibit two.

That’s a helmet head tat… a shot of each side, and although it’s probably just a mole, that, too, could very well be a gun shot wound in the bottom bolt.

Nice! A little Padres and Chargers love… this dude must be a lobster, a little love for both of our San Diego teams.

Showing Seau some sugar. Nothing wrong with that. Oh, and just so you ladies don’t feel left out, somebody submitted this one too.

That one looks a bit like a temporary tattoo to me. Way too perfect. Thoughts?

*update* – Well it’s real… just very, very clean. Here’s a new photo that Brianne sent me of her Bolts tattoo.


You have a Chargers tattoo? Lob it up… and we’ll post it. Also, I have no clue if the shortened word for tattoo is “tat” or “tatt”. I just asked about a dozen people and the majority ruled single T. Who knows.

Oh snap! We have a winner! This dude tatted up his entire body in blue with a bolt from his pit to stomach. Amazing…such commitment.


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