Idiot Teacher Docks a Kid’s Grade for Saying “Bless You” After a Sneeze

SACRAMENTO (KABC) – There’s controversy at a high school near Sacramento after a teacher punished a student for saying “bless you.” A health teacher in Vacaville knocked 25 points from one student’s grade for saying “bless you” when another student sneezed in class. The teacher said his policy has nothing to do with religion – he just doesn’t want class time to be disrupted.

What an idiot. Scenario: Some kid trips and falls in class, and another student gets up and tries to help them. “Hey you, helper boy! What the hell are you doing? You don’t think they know how to pick themselves up?! Stop disrupting my class!!” You’re in the wrong line of work, dude. Stop teaching and start driving around a meter maid car or something. You’re the worst.


[h/t barstool]

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