Screw this Chargers Blackout. Here’s Your Solution, Bolts Fans

SDUT/K.C. Alfred

SDUT – It’s official: Sunday’s Chargers-Dolphins game will be blacked out in San Diego and nearly all of Southern California.

The Chargers announced at the 1:15 p.m. deadline Thursday that 6,500 general tickets remained unsold for the game. There were three blackouts of Chargers games last season.

The blackout means San Diego will see only two NFL games during the day Sunday instead of four. KFMB Channel 8 no longer will be permitted to show Steelers-Texans at 10 a.m.; the CBS affiliate will air Patriots-Raiders at 1:15 p.m. The only 10 a.m. game Sunday will be Lions-Cowboys on Fox.

This blackout is for the birds. I hate this crap. HATE. I’m pissed beyond description at these Chargers blackouts. If you came here looking to find out all the reasons why the Chargers are getting blacked out against the Dolphins, you came to the wrong place. I’m here to bitch about it. Everybody’s blames the high ticket prices, economy, unemployment, fantasy football, San Diego transplants, etc. Eff all that. Bottom line, the Chargers make a shit-ton of money on their TV contracts, and they are going to get paid whether the game is shown locally or not. The Chargers could have paid to have their local fans watch the game at home; they chose not to. Sure 6,500 tickets is a lot to buy for the club, but did you know that the Chargers could have lifted Sunday’s blackout by paying 34 cents on the dollar for the unsold tickets? Yup. Effers.

Welp, let me offer you fans who can’t go the game, an alternative. Let’s say, you know, theoretically, you wanted to watch the game at home. Well, theoretically, I’d tell you to go to this website, and watch it in HD. You might need Firefox to do it, theoretically. You can even plug your laptop into your TV. What’s up now, bitches!? Theoretically. The Chargers belong to the city, and we should be able to watch them whether we go to game or not. Maybe if people just start, theoretically, watching it online, they’ll just show the game on TV since everybody’s watching it anyway.


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