So McCarver Can’t Count… Everybody Just Calm Down

I love how everybody is blasting McCarver this morning. During last night’s broadcast of Game 1 of the World Series on Fox, alongside of Joe Buck, McCarver, a speller master, blew it on his math, proclaiming, “It’s a five-letter word — S-T-R-I-K-E.” So what. You know how much stupid crap I’d say in a live broadcast? I honestly didn’t even notice as it happened, but saw a ton of folks tweet about it, with video. What a dumbass I am! Didn’t even notice an announcer spelled a 6 letter word and called it a 5 letter word. Idiot! I should go bury my head in the damn sand for at least a month. Is it funny? Sure. Is it grounds for Commentator Crucifixion? No. So everybody just calm the freak down. Is he the best announcer on the planet? Of course not. He’s serviceable though, with a nice smooth voice. Sure, it’s fun to make mock these guys when they botch calls. Hell, I blasted Buck last night for his call on Napoli’s game tying home run shot. AWFUL call by Buck, zero emotion or fluctuation in his voice… just sounded pissed off that Napoli interrupted some stupid story he told. So, I’m not above making fun of these guys because they get paid a ton of money to do their job and do it well, so it’s fun for us fans. But good grief, let’s not pretend we all wouldn’t say ridiculous crap if we were live for 3 hours with millions of people watching.


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