La Russa’s Daughter Calls Ron Washington a “Crack Head”

I feel a bizarre connection to the La Russa family because we broke the news to the internet world that earlier this year, Tony’s daughter, Bianca La Russa, became a Raiderette. Now, it’s his other daughter, Devon La Russa, making headlines with a tweet she put up on her @devonkai Twitter account, which now seems to be deactivated. The response you see above is in reply to the following comment:

I saw a crack head doing “The Wash” today. Coincidence? I think not…

The reference, obviously is to Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington, who has admitted to using cocaine during the 2009 season. So, a “phrase you use“, Devon? Waddup crack-head! I guess I can see calling your buddies that in slang, you know, if they hadn’t actually been publicly raked over the coals for doing cocaine. Dumb move on her part for a couple reasons…

1.) you don’t call somebody with a history of drug use a crack head as a joke. 2.) “The Wash” is the best thing to happen to baseball this season. I love his dugout dances. Love.

I could literally watch the rest of this World Series split screen… half the game, half Ron Washington. Speaking of Ron Washington, it’s almost Halloween? Where’s Little Ron from last year?

Liam Roybal, whose Halloween costume created buzz on the Internet, met Rangers manager Ron Washington before Game 4 of the 2010 World Series. (photo: Richard Durrett for

Moral of the story? Say whatever the hell you want on twitter… just brace yourself for the consequences that come along with saying something idiotic.


[h/t Big League Stew, GIF via @cjzero]

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