Bud Selig Has Clearly Not Heard “Watch the Throne”

Watch the Throne. Solid album. Zero chance Bud Selig knows a single Kanye or Jay-Z song. Zero chance. Cute that the MLB is trying to be hip with the kids though. Full disclosure, I want to go to this concert. It will be sick. Love me some Jay-Z. Kanye? Meh, he’s hit or miss with me… so I think that calling Kanye a “hip-hop legend” is just a tad bit premature. Either way, I’m shocked that the conservative MLB.com is sponsoring/teaming-up-with this concert. In fact, I think it’s idiotic. I can almost guarantee that Bud Selig would pull the MLB name off this concert if he just read the lyrics to Kanye West’s Monster, off the Watch The Throne album. Literally, so offensive to young readers, I can’t even put all the lyrics up… here’s a small sample of Rick Ross’ intro the song, which he’s featured in, alongside Jay-Z, Bon Iver & Nicki Minaj, followed by Kanye’s intro.

(Rick Ross) B*tch I’m a monster no good blood sucker
fat motherf**ker now look who’s in trouble
as you run through my jungle all you hear is rumbles
Kanye West sample, here’s one for example

(Kanye) Gossip gossip
n*ggas just stop it
everybody know (I’m a motherf**king monster)
I’ma need to see your f**king hands at the concert
I’ma need to see your f**king hands at the concert

Nice, Selig. America’s pastime getting behind hip-hop culture. Solid move. I’m all for hip-hop and freedom of speech and expression and all that crap, but this is an idiotic move by MLB. I know ratings are bad, but you just set yourself up for a whole lot of bad publicity. Good luck explaining this to parents, you assclown.



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