Yes, Paulina Gretzky is Smoking Hot. Yes, Daddy Wayne Made Her Shut Down Her Twitter Account

via @paulinagretzy's now cancelled twitter account

Okay… OKAY! I get it. Lobsters want me to write about Paulina Gretzky shutting down her twitter account. Most lobbed item in the history of LobShots, so I feel obliged to at least acknowledge it. Yes, Paulina Gretzky, daughter of the Great One, Wayne Gretzky had a twitter account. Yes, daddy made her shut down because she’s smoking hot and all she did was post smoking hot pictures of her and her friends wearing next to nothing. The humanity! The most famous hockey player on the planet has a daughter and he asked her to stop posting trashy, sexy pictures of herself to the world. Shocker.

I know you want me to be all enraged, but I’m not. I have a daughter. If you’re enraged…you don’t. Bottom line, you guys are dirtbags if you just want to follow chicks on twitter just to see hot pictures of them. Shame on you! Good for Wayne for putting his foot down.



[pssst… here’s a link to all her twitter pictures because holy crap she is hot… dirtbags]

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