Former Chargers WR David Boston Allegedly Punched a Woman in the Head





TBL – We haven’t heard from eccentric, often troubled NFL retiree David Boston in awhile but based on the Boca Raton police report, this is probably the worst possible way the freak could have resurfaced.

According to the report, Boston punched a woman twice in the head causing a gash that required 10 stitches. A friend of the woman he allegedly struck stated she got nervous after watching Boston guzzle a bottle of vodka and a bottle of vino, along with an assortment of pills. He faces a charge of aggravated battery.

Punching chicks in the head, huh David? Nice to know you’re still doing steroids, you jerk. As one of the biggest busts in Chargers history, there is no love lost between David Boston and LobShots. This is just one more example of why he’s an awful person. I pray he gets himself fixed…in jail. I’ll always be praying for the woman that got slugged by these guns:

Good grief.


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