David Stern, You Are a Miserable Little Twerp

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Unbelievable. David Stern, you are a miserable little twerp. How can you possibly think vetoing the Chris Paul to the Lakers trade is a good idea? You’re an imbecile. Sure, I’m a Lakers fan, but I’m nothing if I’m not a professional, so I’m gonna look at this objectively. David Stern, you are a miserable little twerp. This wasn’t some sweetheart deal for the Lakers. They gave up Pau Gasol…their second best player to Kobe, and Lamar Kardashian… their 4th best player, arguably their 3rd best player (because, although I see the potential for greatness in Bynum… it is NOT there yet). News flash too… Kobe is OLD. He will no longer be the best player on the Lakers if this deal goes down. Chris Paul is one of the games elite point guards, so what… he’s in the last year of his contract and already said he won’t resign next year. In fact, because of your idiot veto job, he won’t even show up to practice for New Orleans. Think you’re helping out that city, Stern? If this veto holds… they’ll get nothing for CP3. Good call, dude. If anything, the Hornets got the best end of this deal. Three solid players…in Kevin Martin, Luis Scola and Lamar as well as guard Goran Dragic and a 2012 first-round pick. It’s Houston that only got Pau Gasol. Only. Even that’s laughable. He’s the ONLY reason the Lakers finally put together a championship team after the post-Shaq years. They were dwindling in mediocrity. Hell, if there was ever a time to ‘big league’ a trade…it was then. The Lakers stole Gasol from the Grizzlies. Thank you, Jerry West.

I’ve been hearing from multiple lobsters that are NOT Lakers fans, and even they think this is a giant crock-a-shit. You’re not GOD, Stern, you are a miserable little twerp. I don’t care if the NBA owns the Hornets… you can’t go around vetoing trades because you hate Kobe Bryant. Yes, there’s your LobShots scoop of the year. Shocking, right? David Stern hates Kobe Bryant. I know this for a fact. Try to tell me this doesn’t have something to do with it. How ’bout the owners too? What a bunch of whiny little bitches? “Oh, but CP3 is so good…and the Lakers are already so good.” Cry me a freaking river. Way to be an enabler, Stern, you miserable little twerp. Time to start re-evaluating your existence, Stern…because just when you thought the public couldn’t possible care LESS about your sport, you go and pull this crap? It’s been less than 15 hours since this went down, and fans across the world already hate you for it. I cannot WAIT to see you back peddle out of this one, you miserable little twerp.

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