Ryan Braun’s Positive PED Test Hurts My Heart

Damn you, Hebrew Hammer. Over the weekend, ESPN’s Outside The Lines, reported that our 2011 National League MVP Ryan Braun, tested positive for PEDs. This just depresses the hell out of me. Braun was the perfect all-American boy that you couldn’t help but cheer for, regardless of your fanhood. Similar to Joe Mauer, you just want him to do well because he seems like such a likable, yet unlikely, hero.

Now this. He’s facing a 50-game suspension, just like A-Rod did awhile back after his positive test. Braun will appeal, but nobody has ever overturned a positive MLB test like this. If it is true, the thing that hurts the most is his arrogance that he wouldn’t get caught. When asked about ARod’s suspension and if he was tempted to juice, he responded, “I would never do it because if I took steroids, I would hit 60 or 70 home runs.” Again, if the test holds… Ryan Braun is not only arrogant, but well… wrong. He only hit 33 jacks in 2011.


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