I Want a Ray Lewis vs. Philip Rivers Fist Fight on Sunday

K.C. Alfred / San Diego Union-Tribune

One of the scariest looking pictures I’ve ever seen… looks like Ray Lewis is about to come unglued on Philip Rivers and take a bite out of his neck. Looks like Rivers is wishing Ray would respect his personal space and possibly use some of his Old Spice for his breath.

So happy this stupid Chargers blackout was lifted… watching games online is for the birds. Feeling pretty good about this game… but if we do win, and the Tebows lose to the Pats, it will cause a giant flood of pro-AFC West Chargers comments that will drive me insane. We’re not gonna win the division. There just no way that we win out and they lose out.

Think it’ll work?” “It would take a miracle…”

Either way, looking forward to the game…should be some good football. Go Bolts.


[pic lobbed by Gravy]

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