NBA Power Rankings… Clippers Over Lakers

Well, there’s something Southern California sports fans aren’t used to seeing in the SI NBA power rankings. Clippers are sitting on top of the Lakers. “It’s gonna be Lob City!” Oh, read the Lakers blip up top… to answer the most easily answered question in the history of questions: Lakers fans hate David Stern WAY more than Kupchak.

Also, take note… here’s what good off-season moves do for your projected rankings… you know, ones that weren’t vetoed by a miserable little twerp named David Stern. The Clippers were 32-50 last year, the Lakers were 57-25…put that in last year’s pipe and smoke it. The Clippers are now ranked ahead of the Lakers.

For those of you that didn’t click through, the Top 10 are as follows. 10. Celtics 9. Knicks 8. Grizzlies 7. Lakers 6. Clippers 5. Nuggets 4. Bulls 3. Mavs 2. Thunder 1. Heat


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