Are The San Diego Chargers Destined for Mediocrity?

See that? That’s two things: Norv’s San Diego coaching career in a nutshell… and my reaction to hearing that Dean Spanos is bringing him back as the Chargers head coach.

I’m not an irrational person. I’m not an ignorant fan. If I make outlandish comments about the sports teams that I love, it’s generally on purpose, to generate conversation or for shock value. Dumb fans will yell things like “This is worse than firing Marty after going 14-2!” “This is worse than trading Brees!” “This is worse than trading LT!” “This is worse than trading Sproles!” “This is worse than trading Michael Turner!” “This is worse than drafting RYAN LEAF!” “This is worse than letting Laurent Robinson go to the Cowboys!”

This isn’t worse than those things. Hell, half of things things aren’t even true. That said, I can’t tell you how badly I want to kick Dean Spanos square in the junk right now. Not as a conversation generator or for shock value…but because he deserves it. Norv Turner should be fired. I know there’ve been injuries, I know Rivers fumbled a snap, I know…blah, blah, blah. Simply put, Norv’s squandered away talent and been outcoached. With this move from Spanos, San Diego seems destined for mediocrity. I’m okay with keeping A.J. Smith. Not because I love him, but because I don’t think there’s anybody that could do his job better right now. Welp, that’s how Spanos feels about Norval. Agree to disagree.

So, there you have it. I disagree with the decision to keep Norv. So do most of you. Regardless, we’re fans. We’re not sitting in the Chargers front office with the football world’s resources at our fingertips. We didn’t talk to Cowher, Gruden, Fisher, etc. They did… or they could’ve if they didn’t. They chose to stick by Norv and AJ because they saw something…even in the midst of a horrid 6 game losing streak…they saw something that was better in them, than what the coaching/GMing world had to offer. When we get up on our fan soapbox, we basically yelling, as I am now, “I’m smarter than that stupid millionaire Dean Spanos! I know more about the Chargers than he does! I know Norv sucks and everybody else is better than him! I’m an idiot!” Yes, it’s rather silly for us fans to think we know more about our team than the management does. As much as we’d like to believe it, it’s rarely the case. So, in the end, we, as crazed fans, have to deal with it. Norv’s our coach, and that’s how it’s gonna be. However, I don’t want you to leave this post without someone to direct your anger at. So, I offer you this: If you want someone to point the finger at… point it at this jackass.

If Ray Lewis and the rest of the stupid Ravens would have showed up to play in Week 15, instead of letting the Chargers post up 34 points on the “NFL’s best defense,” Norv would’ve been fired. That’s my opinion and my opinion is always right. So, thanks for nothing Ravens. The only bright side to this 2011 piece of crap 8-8 season for the Chargers was that Norv would be fired… but, because of your play, Ravens Lewis, (see what I did there?) there is not bright side. There is only dark…until, of course, Norval leads us to a Super Bowl win next season and collectively tells all of us naysayers to shove it up our respective asses.


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