ELI 3:16 – For God So Loved the Giants!!

Woah! Look at that photo! There are, like, a dozen halos floating around Eli’s head! Exclamation points!!!! That’s right, folks, Eli Manning threw for 316 yards in the NFC Championship win over the Niners. Weirdest thing though… there aren’t 7 billion blogs about how it happened and how it’s a sign that God was the one that led him to victory. Oh, and don’t bother looking up Eli 3:16. The Book of Eli was a really bad Denzel Washington movie, not an actual book of the Bible. Media 101: If a non-event involves Tim Tebow, the media will spin it to make a story… if a non-event involves Eli Manning… nobody gives a crap. As you were…


[h/t to @darrenrovell twitter feed for bringing the yardage to my attention]

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