PHOTOS: Chargers Took Their Tight-Pants-Talents to Hawaii

Those pants are uncomfortably tight around the junk. There. I said it. But I will say no more about it. I didn’t watch a lick of this game. AFC won the Pro Bowl. Yea for us! Here are some stats and photos of the Chargers in attendance. Oh, and don’t think I don’t see your left hand, Weddle.

Eric Weddle – 5 tackles, 1 defended pass, 2 INTs.¬†Here he gets baptized by Jimmy Graham. That’s nice. TWO picks? An All-Pro indeed.

Vincent Jackson – 4 catches, 64 rec yds, 1 carry, 7 rush yds. 1 killer head stand.

Ryan Mathews – 8 carries, 35 rush yds. Decent. Apparently he wasn’t the only #24.

Philip Rivers – 11/19, 190 pass yds, 2 TDs, 1 INT. “No. YOU’RE the best QB in the NFL.”

Antonio Gates – 3 catches, 67 rec yds, 1 TD. If Gates is even remotely healthy, all he does is kick ass. Best Tight End ever. Suck it, Gronk. Go Bolts.

If you want to read¬†John Gennaro’s take, local internet and radio sensation, on the Bolts’ overall performance. Go here.


[images via AP]

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