Remember That Champagne Bottle Cromartie Threw at Somebody at Bar West in PB in 2009? Under Penalty of Perjury, Cro Just Said Shaun Phillips Threw It

K.C. ALFRED / Union-Tribune

SAN DIEGOA San Diego Chargers player is once again facing legal scrutiny after a former teammate identified him as the person responsible for injuring a bystander during a night of celebration in Pacific Beach.

Hours after a big win over the Denver Broncos on Nov. 22, 2009, then-Charger Antonio Cromartie and at least four other teammates descended on Bar West to party. Also at the bar was Kam Saran, who was celebrating his 24th birthday with a small group.

Saran told 10News that later that night several players began spraying champagne at him when suddenly a stranger told him he was bleeding. Saran said his friends told him he was shaking and he passed out several times before he reached the hospital, where he received eight staples for a head injury.

When a witness pointed a finger at Cromartie, San Diego police began an investigation for assault with a deadly weapon — a champagne bottle.No charges were filed in the case, as police said there was no evidence anything was thrown that night. Additionally, police said there were inconsistent statements from witnesses.

From police reports obtained by 10News, it doesn’t appear Chargers players admitted to seeing much of anything.Saran filed a civil lawsuit against Cromartie, now a member of the New York Jets.  However, just as Cromartie was about to settle for a modest amount, sources told 10News Cromartie’s camp came forward and said Cromartie believes he knows who threw the bottle. In just the past week, Cromartie signed a brief declaration, under penalty of perjury, stating: “I am of the belief that Shaun Phillips … threw the object. I, however, do not have further knowledge as to additional specific details of the incident including when or why Mr. Saran was struck with the object … I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

The declaration could be used in civil proceedings in a new lawsuit filed by Saran against Phillips, a star linebacker for the Chargers.While Phillips has had a series of run-ins with the law, he has never been charged.In 2010, he settled a lawsuit for allegedly assaulting a security guard. In another civil suit, he is accused of hitting a 54-year-old woman in Las Vegas.Cromartie’s lawyers declined to comment and 10News’ attempts to reach Phillips’ attorney were unsuccessful.

The Chargers also declined to comment on the matter.

Oh snap! Uh, Cromartie, you just made a very powerful enemy. Cannot WAIT to see how Shaun Phillips responds to this. I guarantee that if Cromartie didn’t have 84 illegitmate children that he has to pay child support for, he would’ve just settled. So excited to see how this story develops.


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