Jeremy All I Do Is LIN-Lin-Lin-Lin

(AP Photo, Frank Gunn)

You kidding me with this kid? Literally thought the hype would stop once the Lakers shut his ass down. Then he torched ’em for 38 points… shutting me up and prompting me to stop, watch and pay attention. Well, I’ll be damned, if he didn’t do it again tonight. Unreal. After trailing by 11 in the second half, Lin drained the game winner with less than a second left…a 3-pointer that propelled New York over the Raptors on the road, 90-87. What a stud. Here it is:

YouTube Preview Image

Tough to not like the kid. Quiet, humble, likeable, good. Stud. Oh, and I’ll take a side of Sports Illustrated cover boy with that.

Cutting up the entire Lakers team. Wonderful. Still can’t believe that SI put the hashtag #SILINSANITY on the freakin cover. For those of you lobsters out there talking about twitter being a fad… good luck with that. I’m sure Jeremy Lin’s just a fad too, right? Right?


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