Whose Foot is in Whose Mouth? Starring Yu Darvish, Orlando Hudson and Will Venable

I was listening live to xx1090 radio when Darren Smith was interviewing Will Venable about facing Yu Darvish. Darren baited him a bit about Darvish’s comments, and Will obliged. Darvish had said, about Will’s deep double to center field,

The wind helped that one. I don’t think he really squared it up.”

Will’s response was great. “The wind saved it being a home run. I also heard he said he didn’t think I squared up that ball. I don’t know, maybe something was lost in the translation. But I would like to hear a little more humility out of the guy. To each his own, I guess. He’s a confident guy. And, of course, I didn’t square up the ball because he’s Yu Darvish.

You’re damn right he’s a confident guy… look at him drink water like a topless boss.

Anyway, I knew the comments would make headlines today, and they have. Deservedly so, it was a great response by Will to a dumb statement by Darvish. But the interview I’m a bit surprised hasn’t got more publicity was Orlando Hudson’s, the only other Padres player to get a hit, a double, off of Darvish:

He’s got a whole country on his shoulders,” Padres veteran second baseman Orlando Hudson said. “He’s got pressure from Japan. Pressure from the States. Pressure from ESPN. That’s a lot of pressure to live up to. But I think he’ll do a hell of a job. He’s got seven pitches to embarrass you with. He’s like Nintendo up there.

Haha. See, I think that’s funny. O-Dogg’s a funny dude and he’s complimenting Darvish. Nintendo. Love it. Saying he’s almost robotic and can do whatever he wants to at the mound as if he’s controlling a video game. Huge compliment. Now, this is where people might want me to read further into this than should be read… Yu Darvish is Japanese. Nintendo is a Japanese company. If ESPN put up a headline comparing Darvish to Nintendo, they’d hear about it. Clearly, Orlando Hudson is a racist!!! No, no he’s not. Stop being dumb, people.

Aside from the Nintendo allusion, which was great… this has got to be one of the best quotes ever. Massive humble brag by the O-Dogg ever. “he’ll do a hell of a job. He’s got seven pitches to embarrass you with…(and I just got a double off his ass!!! How ya like me now, bitches!!)”


[lobbed by Laura, @tenthandisland]

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