A Vicious Love Triangle: Tim Tebow, Kate Upton, and Mark Sanchez

Minutes ago, Tebow signed with the Jets. Tebow has been spotted multiple times hanging out at events with my girl Kate Upton. Mark Sanchez has, of course, been tied to Kate Upton on multiple reports, including late night rendezvous which I refuse to believe. So, can I be the first to officially make a completely made up accusation of trouble in the locker room due to a love triangle? How juicy is that completely made up rubbish? Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow fight over Kate Upton!!! What a headline. I hope Tebow kicks your ass Sanchez… in a fight, and as starting QB of the Jets. (ugh, it’s pisses me off to even say that.. the JETS!?) Katherine, listen up, I’ve told you this before… you have my blessing to date Tebow… but I won’t talk to you anymore if you keep having run-ins with Sanchez. End of story.


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