The Holy Grail: Honus Wagner T206

If you’re a regular lobster, you know that I love baseball cards. It’s one of the few things that I really geek out for. I’ve collected since I was a little kid, and aside from a brief hiatus in college… I’ve been doing it casually ever since. That card up top is the Holy Grail of baseball card collecting: the 1909 T206 Honus Wagner. According to this site, here’s how the few cards that still exist have fared in past auctions:

Summary: Honus Wagner T206 Price History

•1930: $50
•1985: $25,000
•1987: $110,000
•1991: $451,000
•1995: $500,000
•1996: $641,500
•2000: $1,265,000
•Feb 2007: $2.35 Mil
•Sept 2007: $2.80 Mil

Apparently, this Bill Goodwin cat that is putting this one up for auction expects it to go for $1.5 Million. I actually have a Honus Wagner card. It just happens to be from 1949, not 1909, and he’s old and fat and awesome.

So, the T209 is on my wish list. I’m going to go ahead and add it to the list of things I’ll buy when I win the $476 Million Mega Million jackpot…after I buy the Padres.

These don’t go up for auction often kids, so this is a big freaking deal. Bidding is currently up to $643,078.00. Lobsters, you’ve got ’til April 19 to get your bids in. Have at it.


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