Recess is Over, Fox Sports San Diego… Do Work

Time for the new Fox Sports San Diego (FSSD) to put their big boy negotiating pants on. I’m really happy for those of you with DirecTV or Cox. You will be getting the Padres home opener. But I’m not one of you… so I’m pissed. So is everybody else with Time Warner and AT&T U-verse. I know, FSSD, that both of these mega cable companies can be huge douchelords… but you’ve got to figure out a way to get a freaking deal done. (Yes, I’m fully aware that calling them douchelords does in fact make me…a douchelord). The U-T is reporting a Fox spokesperson saying, “Unfortunately for Padres fans who subscribe to Time Warner and AT&T, they should explore alternatives for watching the Padres on Opening Day.” Not cool, we’re getting screwed over and I’m not okay with it.

So screwed over, in fact, that we’re even getting a little national publicity on the matter. Thanks, Yahoo and Deadspin. I especially enjoy the part where Deadspin said “Heading into this season, one bright spot for San Diego Padres fans—and this is really a stretch—is the arrival of a spanking new regional cable network from Fox Sports.” A stretch? That hurts. Yep, deep down… stings a bit. I mean, if we don’t have the Padres on TV, how are we gonna hear Dick Enberg refer to Trevor Hoffman as Dustin Hoffman? How are we going to catch glimpses of Father of the Year candidates like last year wearing “Enjoy Vagina” t-shirts with their baby and a beer?

Please Fox Sports San Diego, get a damn deal done. Do whatever it takes. In the meantime, I do like the mudslinging. I hate both those cable companies…so give it to ’em. That can’t last forever though, so I’d like to offer up my negotiating services. I’ll get a deal done so fast it’ll make your head spin. If you decide to not take me up on my free-of-charge offer… might I offer up a friend of mine to negotiate this deal.


[lobbed by LT… and my own frustrations]

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