Ozzie Suspended, Oney Attacked

Ozzie Guillen has been suspended by the Marlins for his idiotic and insensitive comments about Fidel Castro. He told Time Magazine, “I love Fidel Castro . . . I respect Fidel Castro . . .” for surviving “when a lot of people have wanted to kill him.” You don’t say that anywhere. You definitely don’t say that in Miami when you’re the head coach of the Marlins. He just had a very emotional press conference to explain his comments. There’s just no justification for it, and it seems like Ozzie knows that. The Marlins knew what they were getting with Ozzie, that’s WHY they hired him… so now they have to deal with it.

Small side story here is the backlash that Ozzie’s family is receiving. People make mistakes, and luckily, we live in a land of second chances. Thank God for that. I know I’ve said stupid things before, insensitive comments… but the way people go on the attack for these comments is just wrong. His son, Oney Guillen, is known on twitter for not falling far from the outlandish-comments-tree.

Today he’s responding to morons who’ve been attacking him and his father. It’s the really crappy part about twitter. The abusive part. His twitter profile is here, you can check it for yourself, but I will post a few screenshots of tweets he’s had sent to him this morning, and his responses.

Some classy people out there, right? Not cool. Probably smarter of Oney to not respond at all, but hey he’s a Guillen… what’d you expect? More power to him…


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