Yes! Name That Beard!

Well, this is just awesome. A poster thing of a bunch of amazing movie beards. See if you can name them all. Have some fun with it. I honestly haven’t looked up all the names yet. I’m gonna create some space here… and then guess myself. Have at it.














My guesses, top left and working clockwise: The Dude, Gandalf, is that Kurt Russell?, Richie Tenenbaum, dunno, dunno, Zissou!, dunno, Pacino in Serpico, Hagrid in the middle. You’re a wizard, Harry. Man, I sucked at that. 7 out of 10. If I’m right? How’d you do?

Want to win a poster of the best beards in film created by Raid71? Head on over to Live for Films to see how.

Wait a sec, I know that name, Raid71.

Well, I’ll be damned… his name is Chris Thornley, see here. Small world, the internet.


[lobbed by frenchy]

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