Scott and BR are Back…and Hello Amber Mesker!

Don’t call it a comeback. Scott and BR are back. I don’t know all the details yet, they are embarking on some new venture with the U-T San Diego called UT-TV… and as you can see, they are not alone. Once this show airs… there’s gonna be a lot of this talk at the water cooler. “Who’s that girl with Scott and BR?” Meet Amber Mesker, San Diego’s soon to be most googled girl. Smoking hot, and from what I can tell in this video where they talk about their new project… she’s fun and witty… and she’ll need to be, around Scott and BR.

I wrote about Scott and BR’s departure from XX1090 here.  It has gotten some heavy traffic, and some intense comments. Currently there are over 200 comments. People either love or hate Scott and BR… well, hate is mostly reserved for Scott. He’s the more polarizing of the two. Everybody seems to love BR. A couple of quotes from the crystal ball that was that post: “Their futures? Scott will be just fine, as he’s a pretty connected dude…As for BR, he’ll join Scott when their show ultimately gets picked up by someone else…. which I think it will, in some fashion, possibly television.” Nailed it.

Like I said in that post, my schedule didn’t really permit me to listen to their show… but a few years back, when it did, I listened, and I liked them. I like a good second chance story too. We all say stuff we shouldn’t… I do on LobShots all the time, then I feel bad and dumb afterward. That happened with Scott a lot, and I’m sure it will continue to. I’ve heard the countless arguments of why they are awful and why they shouldn’t be on the air… but what it comes down to for me, is not their sports knowledge… it’s them. They make me laugh. They talk sports (and now more apparently.) So, I’m glad they’re coming back, and it was brilliant of the U-T to put a hot young girl with them. Not only will she bring in viewership, she can be the one to make all the lewd comments about women now… or laugh when Scott does.

Another thing, I do find it very interesting that the U-T, who you could argue played a hand in getting Scott fired at XX1090 with their coverage of the remarks he made, hired Scott and BR. Let’s take it a step further… was this was all part of the U-T’s master plan to lure Scott and BR away?! Get them fired, then swoop them up?! Conspiracy theorists unite! No, on second thought… don’t, because that’s stupid. However, I do remember them ripping on the old U-T though… so I guess new ownership doesn’t carry a grudge on behalf of the old owners.

Lastly… Amber, hit me up. Let’s do an exclusive interview. I know Dumb and Dumber is one of your favorite movies. You’re a Colorado girl, Colorado State by way of Pagosa Springs HS, so I’ll help you tap into the pulse of San Diego. Don’t you know, lobsters make the world go ’round? Together, we’ll explode the interwebs. (Too strong? It felt like I came on a little too strong. Damnit, she thinks I’m a stalker.)


[screengrabs via UT-SD video]

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