Padres National Media Coverage in a Nutshell

I love national media coverage of the Padres. I saw Grantland tweet out this interview with Chase Headley. Smartass that I am, I retweeted with the response, “Padres national story. Must be a typo.” The Grantland author, Jonah Keri, responded to me, “It’s almost like we’re making a concerted effort to cover all 30 teams!”  I deserved that… I chuckled at his response. Then, I got a tweet from Laura saying, “Maybe I’m crazy, but that pic sure looks a lot like Andy Parrino and not Chase Headley” My response? “holy crap. i think you’re right.”

It’s just perfect. It’s perfect on so many levels. I’ll paraphrase: “A Padres national story!” met with “Yeah, dude, we cover all the teams” followed by a “you got the wrong guy, dude.” Don’t believe me? I offer you this amazing breakdown:

See? Undeniable… so much so, that Grantland has updated their site. How do you put up a picture of a dude that you can’t really be sure is him? You pick a photo with his name on his jersey showing. Tough to eff that up. Well, tougher.

Either way, it was a good interview and Chase and Andy do look similar so it’s not that big of a deal, I guess. Just very fitting for the Friars. Even when they are covered by the national media… it’s a joke.


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