Paulina Gretzky, Kate Upton, and My Moral Compass

That’s our buddy Paulina Gretzky. Just hanging out with the boys. Nothing too risque. Well, she took a ton of pics over the weekend from Vegas and posted them on Instagram. They’re ridiculous. I mean, they’re not that scandalous, but wow. Girl’s a freak. I’ve decided to not post them. Just like I’ve made the conscious decision many times to not post a lot of Kate Upton pics. Every time a Paulina or Kate photo pops up on the web, you guys give me crap for not having it up. Those two lovely ladies get more lobs than just about anybody/anything.

Allow me to explain something to you lobsters. Love you guys. I know that you, (to the dudes) love looking a hot chicks…who doesn’t? Sure I have a harmless, fun little internet crush on Kate Upton and Paulina Gretzky. My wife laughs at me and rolls her eyes. Rightfully so, it’s all fun and games. Here’s the thing I want to make sure you guys understand… I’m not a smut-peddler. Not even close. I hate that some of you kinda think that. Means I went wrong somewhere. It feels like some of you think it’s my job to make sure you see every smoking hot photo of Kate and Paulina… it’s not. You can do that on your own time if you choose too. I know that this is partly my fault, but I need to get it off my chest. Posting a harmless bikini shot here and there… whatever, no big deal… we live in San Diego, we see that every day. But I wasn’t put on this earth float pictures of half nekked chicks around the internet. Will I continue to post pictures of girls as I find them lob-worthy? Of course. I just won’t be posting any shots of Kate Upton in a wet t-shirt with her nips blasting through or Paulina spread eagle in a bikini leaving little to the imagination. Yes, those are out there… they’re just not here.

To answer a few questions you’re about to ask: No, I don’t think I’m better than you. No, my moral compass does not revolve around my own ego. No, I’m not talking down to you. Yes, it’s my website so I actually can do whatever I want… and lastly…No, I will not make out with you.

Good talk, Russ.

xoxo, bp

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