I’m Pissed About Mickey Hatcher

Angels fired hitting coach Mickey Hatcher. I love Mickey Hatcher. I remember watching him play. Nobody hustled like Hatch. Nobody. Freaking hilarious too. Look at that card. One of my all-time favorites. This move by the Halos has got to be the biggest scapegoat in baseball since Steve Bartman. I’m pissed. Hatcher was the man. He sure did suck when he was the hitting coach during your last World Series win, huh Angels? He sure sucked when  “just three seasons ago, Hatcher presided over a roster that set several franchise records for hitting and fielded a lineup with nine .300 hitters while the Angels reached the ALCS.Nine. Doing zero research on it, I bet the Padres have never had nine dudes on a roster for any two years combined in the history of the organization. Good move though, Angels. It’s Mickey Hatcher’s fault that Pujols can’t hit.


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