Is Tim Legler Just as Crazy as Metta World Peace?

Los Angeles Lakers' Metta World Peace (15) stands over Oklahoma City Thunder's James Harden (13) after a foul during the second half of Game 1 of the NBA Western Conference semi-final basketball playoffs series in Oklahoma City May 14, 2012. (Reuters / May 16, 2012)

First thing, how ’bout D. Fisher’s calves in that pic? What a stallion. On to Legler and Ron Ron… Apparently on Mike and Mike this morning, Greeny asked NBA analyst Tim Legler his thoughts on Metta World Peace’s post game comments regarding his early hot hand game 1 against the Thunder. Here’s how it went down:

What exactly did Metta World Peace say? “I didn’t realize Oklahoma had so many fine women. I felt really comfortable, I hit my first two shots. It was mainly because of how beautiful the women were.”

Mike Greenberg: “In your experience [to Tim Legler], how much of a factor are the beautiful women to quick starts?”

Tim Legler: “Well I think in Oklahoma City, it’s definitely a factor. It’s definitely a factor in that arena and he’s honest. If that makes his mind calm down to the point where he can knock down some points, so be it. Good for the Lakers.”

Doesn’t a normal person just pass this off as Ron Ron being his normal whacky self? Not actually validate it by saying “it’s definitely a factor“? Maybe Legler is mixing up honesty with insanity? I love Artest, but I embrace his insanity with that love. Part genius, part psycho. Is this some ploy to get into the Thunder’s head? All of it seems nuts to me. Hell, the more I think about it, it’s making me crazy. Maybe Legler nailed it… maybe Artest really does believe the hot chicks in OK make him better? If so, I guess they all left a few minutes into the game… because everybody on the Lakers sucked after that. They were annihilated. Here’s to turning things around for game 2 tonight…

Oh, keep an eye out court-side game 3 at Staples center…if Buss believes Ron Ron… decent chance we see an entourage of Spearmint Rhino girls scattered throughout the crowd.


[lobbed by Theodore and Mac]

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