Did Matt Cain Just Throw a Perfect Game vs. the Padres?

Might as well have, right? Oh Padres, you still don’t have a no-hitter? That’s cute. I’ll see your lack of no-hitters, and raise you a perfect game. I hate the Giants… but you gotta respect the perfect game. Good for Matt Cain. Seems a decent fellow. With zero stats to back up my claim because I won’t take the time to look, it seems like Cain is always the guy that would have ridiculous stats… he’d throw a 2-hitter and strikeout ten, and then lose 0-1. His ERA and record never looked right next to each other. Are we living in the era of the pitcher or what? What used to happen only years apart from each other are commonplace now. No-hitters and perfect games are everywhere the past few years… (insert incredible statistic over the course of baseball history to back up this claim here)

Mac, an avid Giants fan, just sent me this line, “Using the Bill James Game Score method, this ties Koufax and Nolan Ryan’s 16-strikeout, two-walk no-hitter for the second-highest nine-inning score at 101, behind only Kerry Wood’s 20-strikeout, one-hitter that scores 105.” I know a lot of you lobsters are stat guys,┬ásabermetric types or whatever… but I’m calling horseshit on that one. Don Larsen pitched his perfect game in the World freaking Series against the Dodgers. These Dodgers: Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Gil Hodges, Roy Campanella, Pee Wee Reese. Heard of ’em? I’m not trying to diminish the accomplishment of Cain’s perfect game, that would be bush… but c’mon, this was the 2012 Astros, not the 1956 World Series Dodgers. As an aside, this is my favorite quote from after Larsen’s game when an AP Reporter asked him in the locker room: “Is that the best game you ever pitched?” Um…

Whatever, there’s no real way to rank whose perfect game was more perfect. They’re all awesome. Maybe the key to Cain’s perfect game was drilling golf balls into McCovey cove from home plate before the game?

I cannot, and will not, ever post somebody hitting golf balls into the ocean without immediately posting these.

In closing… here is your obligatory, “I just threw a perfect game and I have a hot wife” photo.

(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)


[Cain golfing lobbed by Body via SB Nation – Also, huge shoutout to my boy Rohde…who had Matt Cain sitting on the bench in our Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball league. Clown]

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