Your 2012 Padres All Star Selection!!

Your 2012 San Diego Padres! These guys… man oh man… who do you vote for? Well, you don’t. Not if you want to be taken seriously. Chase Headley or Carlos Quentin will make the team… just because somebody has to… but they’re not all-stars. Quentin has the potential to be, but he’s only been off the DL for about a day. There is one bright side to this year’s ASG… a Padres pitcher won’t be responsible for the NL losing. I guarantee that Bud Selig is PISSED about this “every team needs a representative” crap this year.  Here are the choices. Right off the bat, MLB bitch-slaps Padres fans with O-Dogg repping us at 2nd.

Mow. My. Lawn. Really? O-Dogg is literally the only Padres 2B choice when you vote for the all-stars. When you click on his name… his photo shows up… wearing a White Sox hat. Just awesome. Amazed that we’ve only got two dudes under the mendoza line. Without a good night from Maybin, that could be three by the end of the day. Bartlett is on the 60-day DL, so he’s a good choice for us at SS. Thanks, Selig. I did enjoy the article that Acee wrote suggesting that The Norf should be our 2012 Padres All-Star Selection.

photo by K.C. Alfred / UT-SD

He won’t get it, of course, but I love the idea behind it. Would create some great parody as Acee noted: “The Rangers’ Josh Hamilton is going to finish with more All-Star votes than any player in history. I wonder if Denorfia could make the roster as the player the fewest people ever voted for.” How fantastic would that be? The Padres are a joke of a team this year…why not make a joke out of the All Star game?


(humbly, the only decent insight given in this entire blog… are the red quotes around “DEPTH” up top… wouldn’t want you clowns to miss that.)

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