Happy Birthday, Barry Sanders

Happy Birthday, Barry. You are the most exciting player that I’ve ever watched on a football field. For you younger lobsters out there that never got to watch Barry…that’s a real shame. Here he is. You’re welcome.

YouTube Preview Image


Aside from the jaw-dropping runs in that video, what Bo Jackson said about him is one of my favorite quotes of all-time. Bo, while still running back for the Raiders, on Barry Sanders: “Barry’s my new idol now. I love the way the guy runs. When I, uh, grow up… I wanna run just like him.” Fantastic. How ’bout when the Vikings D-Line coach said that the only way they could simulate his movements in practice was to have their defense try to catch chickens? Amazing. Here are a few of my favorite photos of Barry.

Yeah, he played hoops in high school. Imagine trying to chase him around playing point.


[most photos via Andy Gray]

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